Meet Our Team

Nick Gray – Founder

Nick is the founder of Museum Hack & ScavBoss. Nick lives in NYC and LOVES exploring the city, including the hidden quirks of well known spaces like Grand Central Terminal, Times Square and Central Park. Nick is interested in VIP-Minimalist travel.

Zak Martellucci – Creative Associate

Zak is a scavenger hunt expert, and has created hunts for companies around NYC and across the U.S. One of Zak’s favourite museums is the American Museum of Natural History and he knows the world’s most interesting facts about otters.

Jen Browne – City Lead

Jen is our awesome city lead. Jen connects the dots between our guests, awesome scavenger hunt hosts and HQ. Jen recently had an adorable baby, who will grow up to be very good at finding things.

Carly Syms – Marketing Manager

Carly is our world class marketing manager and helps connect ScavBoss with companies looking for their next fun company team building activity. Carly works remotely from Arizona with her dog, Chomp.

Marielle Howell – Sales Manager

Marielle is our sales manager and will likely be your first point of contact with us. Marielle will work with you to customize your hunt and create the best possible bonding experience for your group.