Making Memories With Mish Guru

A few months ago, the Snapchat experts at Mish Guru came to ScavBoss with a simple request: to practice team building and have a hilarious time before their company holiday party in New York City.

Challenge accepted.

Though Mish Guru’s mission presented us with almost limitless opportunity, we knew exactly what to do. We were going to bring the Mish Guru team to the beating heart of New York City: Grand Central Terminal. There, we would put on a scavenger hunt that would teach the Mish Guru team about the history of the historic building, while also improving their relationships before their big event.

So, in December, we gathered Mish Guru staff members at Grand Central to take them on a wild, rollicking scavenger hunt through the historic building to practice their team building

Our Custom Scavenger Hunt Helps You Save New York City’s Beating Heart

Back in the 1960’s there was a plot to destroy Grand Central Station. Grand Central was built to support a giant building over it, like the Met Life building, which has towered over the terminal since 1964.

In the late 60’s, a group proposed a plan that would build an even bigger tower over Grand Central, destroying the building’s historic facade and waiting room in the process.

The plan angered many people, including Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who took it upon herself to lead a crusade to save the structure. Jackie wrote a letter, made a speech, and played a huge role in saving the structure.

Flash forward to today.

On the ScavBoss scavenger hunt, there’s a new plot to destroy Grand Central… and only you and your team can help.

The Mish Guru staff who joined us on the tour broke into teams and raced through the station to crack the clues to save Grand Central. Along the way, they built relationships, learned more about themselves and the background of the historic landmark and took hilarious photos that documented their amazing adventure.

According to Mish Guru employee Conor, who has traveled through Grand Central since he was a kid, the hunt was an amazing way to get to know a structure he passed through every single day without a second thought.

It was also an awesome way to accomplish some team building – they had so much fun they were late arriving at their scheduled dinner after the scavenger hunt.

Why Team Building Matters

Team building makes it easier for your staff to communicate, think and laugh together. While working towards a fun goal, you’ll build trust, establish new connections and make memories that turn coworkers into team members.

Our scavenger hunts are designed to encourage cooperation, creativity and collaboration, while reflecting shared goals and company values. You’ll also learn while you’re on the tour: not just about each other, but about the secrets behind specific locations like Grand Central.

Kickstart Your Team With Us

If you’re looking for a new way to bring your team together, have an amazing time and establish bonds that’ll boost your company’s productivity and results, join us on a scavenger hunt! We’re happy to customize all of our adventures to your company’s needs.