Life Lessons You Can Promote With Team Building

Every team building activity you do with your employees is an opportunity for:

  • having fun and building relationships with coworkers;
  • increasing job satisfaction and organizational loyalty;
  • training and employee development.

However, while these benefits typically accrue for your company in the short term, there are also benefits of team building that can last for entire careers and continue wherever your employees may go.

For example, by promoting healthy and positive life lessons, you can equip your employees for success both at work and at home. Following are three examples of life lessons you might share:

  1. Collaboration Over Competition. The best team building activities sometimes have elements of competition, but are almost always focussed on collaboration and working together. By promoting this approach to work, you can show employees that they can achieve more by working together than they would as individual contributors. Example: If you send your employees on a fun scavenger hunt with us then they MUST collaborate to succeed; the scavenger hunt is simply too difficult and time-constrained for any one individual to complete on their own. Team work wins.
  2. Ask For What You Want. This life lesson is a simple but powerful one because it promotes active and intentional development by the employee themselves. Some employees are dissatisfied with their job role or pay, and are waiting for management to correct it. Management, of course, are not mind readers. Employees can improve their chances of success at work and throughout their career by thinking about and then ask for what they want. These requests may sometimes be denied, example: an ask for a raise that really is outside the operating budget, but overall the employee and the organization will still benefit.
  3. Engineer Your Biggest Breaks. Commonly, big wins happen when you put massive work up front. This life lesson is one that can benefit your team member, by helping to show them the value of doing the work up front and how it can accelerate their career and growth. This lesson is also generally very useful for your organization. Example: a sales rep that takes this work-upfront approach to a contract may put in a higher level of preparation to understand the clients needs and craft a truly customized proposal which makes them more likely to get the sale.

While life lessons are often an indirect benefit of team building, many organizations don’t intentionally include them. You can 10x the benefits of your team building investment by focussing on helping your employees grow in this way.

One good way to decide which life lessons or life tips to include in your team building is to ask your managers what have been some key lessons they have learned in their careers or otherwise. Make a list and then talk about which tips may be the most beneficial to share with your colleagues. If you need some inspiration, you can find a list of life lessons here.

The end result can be a powerful multiplier on how successful your employees and company can become.