Life Lessons You Can Promote With Team Building

Every team building activity you do with your employees is an opportunity for:

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4 Reasons Why You Should Care About Team Building

Sure, team building sounds great in theory, but how can you be so sure that your team will truly benefit from it?

We get it — if your team is going to leave the office, you want to make sure it’s well worth your time.

Check out these four simple (and super important!) reasons why you should care about team building!

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Making Memories With Mish Guru

A few months ago, the Snapchat experts at Mish Guru came to ScavBoss with a simple request: to practice team building and have a hilarious time before their company holiday party in New York City.

Challenge accepted.

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An Epic Scavenger Hunt at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Team building is something every company should invest in, but often, many people think of team building activities with a sense of dread, imagining trust falls, or sneakers tied into a giant ball of knots, or terrible icebreaker questions.

You probably don’t think of running through halls hunting for scandalous clues in one of the world’s most famous museums as a team building event, but Scav Boss is here to change that.

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