An Epic Scavenger Hunt at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Team building is something every company should invest in, but often, many people think of team building activities with a sense of dread, imagining trust falls, or sneakers tied into a giant ball of knots, or terrible icebreaker questions.

You probably don’t think of running through halls hunting for scandalous clues in one of the world’s most famous museums as a team building event, but Scav Boss is here to change that.

We were recently contacted by CEW, a top beauty trade organization in New York City, about holding a team building event. CEW wanted to treat their team of 30 employees to a fun, engaging day out of the office to help recharge their batteries, while still incorporating company values and team bonding into the experience.

What better way to do just that than with an epic scavenger hunt of the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

CEW’s employees were split up into teams that had to work together to discover the Met’s juiciest hidden stories. The scavenger hunts are designed to promote group work, team bonding, creative thinking, and collaboration, all while being fun. Later, the different groups revealed the results of their scavenger hunts, with the top group claiming an awesome prize.

To cap off the whirlwind hunt, our guides led a round of “Buy, Steal or Burn?” where CEW employees were asked to reveal which pieces of art in the museum they’d want to buy, steal or burn. It’s a great game that sneakily reveals hidden aspects of personalities that co-workers may never have seen before – perfect for encouraging team bonding!

Afterwards, CEW couldn’t stop raving about the experience.

“We had an awesome time!” – Morgan P. of CEW