4 Reasons Why You Should Care About Team Building

Sure, team building sounds great in theory, but how can you be so sure that your team will truly benefit from it?

We get it — if your team is going to leave the office, you want to make sure it’s well worth your time.

Check out these four simple (and super important!) reasons why you should care about team building!

#1 Team Building Boosts Employee Engagement

Team building is a great way to boost employee engagement, morale, and show employees you care about their well being. While these are great reasons on their own, there are also huge financial incentives for team building!

#2 Team Building Can Help You Attract & Retain Top Talent

Forbes recently wrote an article describing how mega companies like Uber, Facebook, and Salesforce are using team building to their advantage. One of the most insightful parts of the article came from a quote by team building expert Jenny Gottstein, who says the following:

“Interestingly, we’re seeing companies use their strong corporate culture as a bargaining chip to recruit the best and brightest talent. When applying for jobs, millennial employees are not only assessing their salary and benefits, but also whether or not they relate to the working environment, and enjoy rolling up their sleeves next to their peers. As a result of this culture shift, team-building is being used as a marketing and recruitment tool. Often we will produce games for prospective employees or interns of large companies as way to show off the perks of the company’s working environment.”

#3 Team Building Improves Communication

MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory recently conducted a study to observe the differences between top performing teams and average ones. The results were groundbreaking…

“With remarkable consistency, the data confirmed that communication indeed plays a critical role in building successful teams. In fact, we’ve found patterns of communication to be the most important predictor of a team’s success. Not only that, but patterns of communication are as significant as all the other factors—individual intelligence, personality, skill, and the substance of discussions—combined.”

#4 Forbes: “Team Building Is The Best Investment You’ll Make”

Brian Scudamore (Forbes author of Team Building Is The Best Investment You’ll Make) warns companies to be careful that “activities that overtly aim to draw in leadership lessons or practical takeaways are less powerful.”

In other words, focus less on what you want your employees to take away from the experience, and more on just having a really good time outside of the office!


In short, team-building activities are a win/win for everybody. Your team feels appreciated, they enjoy a refreshing experience outside of the workplace, they get more comfortable with each other, and their engagement levels rise which increases workplace efficiency and benefits your company’s bottom line.